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When you need your home to turn heads while having superior protection against water damage, Illinois Stucco is here for you. We have provided expert stucco services to Evanston since 2002, where our customers have enjoyed stunning stucco work. We employ a team of highly trained expert stucco contractors near me Evanston citizens trust to provide the finest quality stucco work combined with unrivaled customer service. We put each client’s needs first and foremost, so you can trust you are getting a fair price and the exceptional workmanship that your home’s exterior deserves. Contact us to learn more about all of our stucco services that will make your stucco sided home durable and dependable for years to come

Should I Worry About Cracks in Stucco?

There are a number of causes behind cracks found in stucco near me Evanston. Some of them could be land changes, wrong mixing ratio, and lack of skills for stucco installation. Besides the looks, the problem may be beyond the stucco exterior, with cracks going deeper that can pose a risk for your home. 

Unfortunately, stucco cracks aren’t usually an isolated problem. The majority of time they will grow around the house as its foundations settle. Cracks smaller than 1/16 of an inch are the most typical, and if they are fixed soon they shouldn’t be a big cause for worry. On the other hand, bigger cracks can lead to water accumulation and cause further damage. It might be tempting to perform a stucco repair near me Evanston on your own, but that would be a short-term fix. Professional stucco contractors near me Evanston can help you check if water is already present in deeper cracks.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Stucco Services Evanston

1. What’s conventional stucco?

Conventional stucco near me Evanston homes also called three-coat, consist of air and moisture barriers either sprayed or rolled-on. It can also be a secured weather barrier with woven or expanded wire lath on top, followed by cement scratch and a brown coat.

2. What’s a One-coat system?

The One-coat stucco installation Evanston homeowners are looking for is a particular blend of fibers and cement applied over lath and rigid foam board. It provides a solid cladding compliant with the Energy Code continuous insulation standards. 

3. Does “one-coat” mean it only has one coat?

No. The stucco contractors near me Evanston residents trust explain that the conventional base coat is applied to ¾ inch thickness in scratch. Brown coats can be later applied in one coat of ½ inch thickness on hard sheathings like foam.