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Giving your home the finest curb appeal while also protecting it from water damage could not be easier, thanks to Illinois Stucco. Since 2002, our stucco contractors have made every stucco exterior Wilmette stunning and interesting for a refined look that every homeowner can love.

When you bring our team in for your stucco installation in Wilmette, you are benefiting from expertise gained through years of top-quality work in the industry. But you are also getting the reliability of true professionals who understand that a wonderful stucco exterior in Wilmette requires precision in all that we do.

Best of all, with Illinois Stucco, you experience the highest brand of customer service possible. We do what`s right while giving you the fresh new look you want for your home. Speak to us about all our stucco services, from installation to repair, and painting that maintains your stucco exterior Wilmette for years.

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Choose Your Perfect Type of Stucco For Your Stucco Installation Wilmette

With two types of Stucco, Wilmette homeowners and business owners have options that can be made clear by the experts at Illinois Stucco.

Traditional stucco uses Portland cement along with lime, sand, and water, making it very durable to withstand potentially damaging conditions.

The other option is Exterior Insulating and Finish Systems (EIFS). This kind of stucco in Wilmette does not include cement and offers slight flexibility to the finished product as the acrylic resin protects against water and cracks.



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Our Stucco Projects – Before And After

Stucco Finish Around Fireplace 

Stucco allows for a significant amount of creativity and manipulation around traditional styles. A new stucco installation around a fireplace can alter the whole room’s appearance. For expert stucco finish Wilmette services, contact Illinois Stucco.

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Years Of Experience

Any good stucco company in Wilmette needs to have the experience to handle the intricate details that this type of coating entails. Illinois Stucco has been working with stucco in Wilmette for many years.

Quality Materials

Our stucco contractors Wilmette provide the best results because we work with only top-quality materials. That's how we make sure your final result looks beautiful and can last a long time.

Professional Team

With our stucco company in Wilmette, you are dealing with true professionals. It starts with a fully detailed consultation where we listen to what you`re looking for, and it ends with the perfect stucco exterior.

Exceptional Look

To us, nothing looks better than a perfectly applied stucco installation Wilmette. We`ll give you the look you want for your exterior and we`ll maintain it with our full range of stucco services.


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Advantages of Stucco Installation Wilmette

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Stucco is a tremendous insulator, not only because of the material it is composed of, but how it is applied to your home. It is cheap and easy to maintain, and will help keep a consistent temperature in your home, no matter what the outside world feels like. For anyone in a tremendous temperature shifting area like the Southwest or Upper Midwest, it has the properties you want to keep your home as energy efficient as you want it. And it is an attractive aesthetic covering for the exterior.

IT is clean, smooth, and gives any home a charm common in the Southwestern states. And it can be colored to suit the homeowner’s preferences. Plus, artistic designs, murals, and mosaics can be etched into it for added appeal as long as they are finished before it dries.

Let our stucco company Wilmette do your stucco installation or stucco repair on your Wilmette home.



Things You Should Know About Stucco Offered by Stucco Contractors Wilmette

What is stucco?
Stucco is a type of cement with a texture and appearance similar to plaster. It is water, temperature, and glare resistant. It has a flawless texture when applied on one or more surfaces. It is a great insulator at an affordable price. It can withstand cold temperatures over long periods.

Why choose stucco?
Stucco has a durable material that holds up mild bumps, scuffs, and other impacts well without the need for a stucco repair. It is also resistant to water, heat, and cold, making it long-lasting. It is applicable both indoors and outdoors. Lastly, it is affordable for various structure needs.

Is stucco expensive?
Stucco is considered cost-effective due to the relatively lower price. Among stucco companies Wilmette, we offer affordable stucco for your projects. Our stucco contractors Wilmette can also take care of the installation, restoration, and finish. Locals trust our stucco company for various types of stucco services. We make everything affordable.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Stucco Services Lake Zurich

1. What is a conventional stucco system?

Three-coat or conventional stucco will have a sprayed or rolled-on air and moisture barriers, or a mechanically fastened weather barrier. Above the weather barrier will be woven or expanded wire lath, then a Portland cement scratch and brown coat.

2. What is a one-coat system?

One-coat stucco is a proprietary mixture of fibers and cement applied on top of lath and rigid foam board. It adds an Energy Code required Continuous Insulated durable cladding.

3. Is a one-coat system really one coat?

No, one-coat indicates that the conventional base coat applied to a minimal ¾ inch thickness in scratch and brown coats can be applied in one coat to a nominal ½ inch thickness over rigid sheathings like foam.

4. Can you paint stucco?

Yes, stucco painting is a common application, but it doesn’t produce a wall texture. Our stucco company in Lake Zurich offers an exterior stucco product that adds a texture or design to the wall before it is painted.