Benefits Of Stucco Painting

Benefits Of Stucco Painting

Stucco has very low maintenance requirements and if taken proper care of, it maintains its beauty for quite a long time. That is why stucco painting is one of the most popular exterior treatments for homes. When properly applied by skilled stucco contractors, you may rest assured of some special benefits, such as the following ones:

Blocks Moisture

Stucco absorbs water after it rains and darkens until it dries. Stucco painting thoroughly seals its surface, preventing moisture from penetrating. The effectiveness of this painting makes the stucco color stay steady throughout a heavy downpour.

Keeps Stains Away

Sometimes vertical lines of rust and water stains on your stucco can be seen, usually beneath window frames. These stains can be covered by painting stucco. If properly painted by stucco contractors, these lines will no longer be visible, and neither will they get back for the many years to come.  

Improving Your House Appearance

Painting a stucco house with new coats of paint is the fastest and easiest method to make it stand out from the street. Painting the stucco exterior will enhance the appearance of your outside walls while increasing the market value of your property.

Increase The Resistance To UV Rays

UV rays can degrade your outside stucco causing brick cracks and structural damage. These damages alter stucco functionality even more. A stucco company can effectively paint your exterior keeping your outside walls adequately insulated and safe while reflecting harmful UV rays.

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