Common Stucco Issues

Common Stucco Issues

The outermost layer of a house is what we know as siding or cladding. Stucco has been used as a siding on the exterior of houses for centuries. It gives the exterior walls texture and can be different colors. Stucco is a mixture made of cement, lime, sand and water, it dries to produce a very dense solid. When it is applied correctly it gives the exterior of your home many advantageous benefits, it waterproofs, fireproofs, soundproofs and insulates your home. If the stucco exterior layers are not applied properly, or not maintained it can cause a whole load of problems, often it is the penetration of water that causes the majority of problems.

Wall Staining
Different contaminants may become absorbed by the stucco and stain the walls underneath, rainwater can also wash dirt and these same contaminants, from the roof and windows, into your stucco. Accumulation of these contaminants will lead to deterioration. Professional stucco contractors can wash away the contaminants and apply a water resistant sealer to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Excess moisture eventually leads to mold problems. If you have mold growth in your home, it can affect your and your family’s health as well as the building. You need to find and remove the source of the excess water, stucco contractors will remove all the affected stucco and rotten wood, which is then replaced with new stucco installation.

Water damage often causes cracking, as does poor stucco installation. For general, localized cracking the stucco repair professionals can install a coating system. But for more widespread, comprehensive cracking, complete stucco replacement is recommended. This is because the cracking is the result of poor workmanship.

If you have a stucco installed home and you are having problems with the water or any other issues, contact a professional, they can give you professional advice and arrange for a stucco inspection.